DBS Credit Card Review

DBS credit card is one of the most popular credit cards provided by the DBS bank which is one of the leading banks in Singapore. There are several credit cards launched by DBS bank and these include DBS Black American Express Card, DBS MasterCard Platinum Card, DBS Altitude American Express Card, Live Fresh card and DBS Takashimaya Platinum American Express Card among others. These cards provide plenty of benefits as well as features to the users.


The DBS American Express card provides users with opportunities to earn 8X DBS points. This card is only available for individuals having income of more than S$48000. The card has annual fee of 150 Singapore dollars and its annual interest rate is 24%. Users of the card get unparalleled access to exclusive Black Card Parties. Users can enjoy savings on branded labels, hotels as well as restaurants. DBS Altitude American Express card is another credit card launched by the DBS bank. Individuals with minimum yearly income of 80000 Singaporean dollars are entitled to get this card. The annual fee for the card is S$180 and it carries an interest rate of 24%. Users of the card get 3 DBS points for each $5 charged to the card. The points collected can then be redeemed for items like Golden village movie tickets, Crystal Jade Restaurant voucher, Takashimaya department store voucher and KrisFlyer Miles.

Other DBS credit card options include DBS Live Fresh which is available for individuals with minimum annual income of S$30000. Users can get rewards of 1 DBS point for each $5 charged to the card. These points can then be redeemed for a host of benefits like movie tickets, restaurant vouchers, department store vouchers etc. This card has an annual interest rate of 24% and annual fee of $60 and also comes with 5 year Fee waiver. The other benefits on offer include discounts on a whole range of shopping items, discounts on several entertainment options as well as dining options. The DBS Visa Platinum Card is on offer for customers with minimum annual income of S$50000. The annual interest rate for the card is 24% and its annual fee is S$180. The card offers users the opportunity to earn 1 DBS point for each $5 charged to the card and the points can be redeemed on variety of entertainment options and it also offers the users discounts on dining.

DBS Takashimaya Visa Platinum credit card is another DBS credit card, available to individuals with annual income in excess of S$30000. With this card, users can earn 1 DBS point on each $5 charged to the card. These points can be redeemed for several rewards. The card also allows users to enjoy added 10% discount at Takashimaya store. One of the greatest advantage with the DBS credit card is that it allows users to earn credit limit up to four times of monthly income. With the credit cards users can opt for preferred payment plans. With this plan, users can choose to make the payment over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months with low processing fees and no interest.

DBS bank also undertakes credit limit review so as to compensate for any increase in the income. Some of the credit cards offer users with opportunity to earn greater points. The DBS Altitude card members can earn 3 points on each $5 purchase up to the initial $1000 spent after which users can earn 4 DBS points for money spent over $1000 each month. The DBS treasures Elite card members can earn 3 DBS points in case of each $5 spent on local purchases as against 6 points for each $5 spent in foreign retail.

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