HDFC Credit Card Review

A credit card can make life extremely easy as it can allow customers to fulfill their shopping needs without having ready cash. To get the most benefit from a credit card it is important to choose one that meets the requirements of the user and one that is most economical. HDFC credit card includes several credit cards launched by the HDFC bank and being a world class bank, the credit cards can be used on as many as 18 million establishments throughout the world.


Types of HDFC credit cards

The HDFC silver credit card is one of the highly convenient credit cards launched by the bank. This credit card can meet the shopping, travelling, dinning requirements of the user. It also comes with a robust rewards program that allows the user to earn 1 reward point for each Rs 200 spent and these rewards points can then be redeemed for exciting gifts on offer. This card also allows the user to get up to 3 add-on cards for spouse, sibling and parents. In case, the card is lost and notification of the loss is made by the user, then the user has zero liability for any fraudulent transactions that may be made through the card. While the card is entirely free, the interest on credit is 3.25% p.m and interest on cash advances is 2.5% or Rs 300 whichever amount is higher. The interest free period on the card is up to 50 days.

Another popular HDFC credit card is the value plus card that provides users the opportunity to earn cash back on their spending. Spending on medical stores, hospitals and railway allows customers to earn up to 5% cash back while there is 1.5% cash back on the amount spent in dining, super market, departmental and grocery stores. Users also get to enjoy interest free period up to 50 days from the purchase date along with no liability if the card is lost and reported immediately. The interest on purchases is 3.25% p.m and 2.5% on cash advances.

HDFC gold credit card is another HDFC credit card that promises excellent rewards and benefits to the users. Users can earn 1 reward point for each Rs 150 spent. This is applicable for spending up to Rs 20000 for each statement cycle. For spending over Rs 20,000 users can earn 50% additional reward points. These reward points can be redeemed for excellent gifts. Users can enjoy interest free period of 50 days after purchases. The Titanium credit card is another card offering handsome rewards to the users. The card allows users to earn 2 reward points for each Rs 150 up to the limit of Rs 35000 in a statement cycle. For spending over Rs 35000 customers can earn 3 reward points for each Rs 150 spent. Users of the HDFC Titanium credit card can also enjoy zero petrol surcharge. The interest free period is limited to 50 days from date of purchase. Users can also enjoy zero liability in case of loss of card. Interest on cash advances and purchases is 3.25% p.m.

HDFC credit card options also include Platinum credit cards that offer excellent reward benefits along with travel and other preferential benefits according to the requirements of the user. The visa signature credit card created by HDFC promises a powerful rewards program comprising of 2 reward points for each Rs 150 spent on the card and 3 reward points for each Rs 150 spent over the limit of Rs 75000 for each statement cycle. The signature card also promises low rate of interest 3.05% along with petrol surcharge waiver amounting to 2.5%. Users of the card can also enjoy access to some of the most exclusive airport lounges throughout the world.

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